North Staffs Macular group

April 2022

Hello Everyone!

Our group has started face-to-face meetings again in 2022.
The first meeting was held in February in St James Church Hall, Clayton ST4 3DW

We meet there every third Tuesday of each month, except for July, August and December.

Meetings are 10.30 – 12.30
The cost is £2 per person per meeting, including refreshments.

Venue Precautions

I carried out a risk assessment of the venue, based on the National Society’s requirements and those of the venue. The room can be adequately ventilated, as we wish.

You can wear masks if you choose. There will be only 4 people to each table.

There is hand sanitiser outside the hall, near the toilets. There will also be a bottle on each table. Tables will be wiped down before the meetings.

The kitchen will only be accessed by Janet and Pauline.

Other volunteers will bring drinks to the tables, and biscuits will be in unopened packs.

Please do not attend any meeting if you feel unwell.

The committee and I do our very best to make you feel safe and comfortable.

It is  lovely to be together again!

Stay safe and well.

With love and thoughts,

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Sue Addis
01538 756 398
Group Leader